It all started when.....

In June 2016, cofounders Pavi and Nammy, became unemployed and decided to tell the world about it through a YouTube channel called The 9to5 MisFits. Unemployment can be scary and confusing, and what makes it worse is the fact that no one talks about it and treats it like a shameful secret instead. For them, it was comforting to have a "buddy" to go through it with. So they decided to give everyone else in a similar situation a virtual “friend” in the form of their YouTube channel.

Through weekly videos, they share their very own hilarious anecdotes in their Thursday segment 'Getting Real with the MisFits' as well as helpful tips & resources to deal with the emotional & practical realities of being unemployed in their Tuesday segment, '5-minute Hacks'. Ultimately, they hope to create a supportive community of like-minded people within the South Asian community wanting to kickass in their careers and changing the game.

Pavi Dinamani


I am a vegetarian, animal-loving, pole dancing, Dubai-bred, Chemical Engineer and Online Video Content creator who's all about helping people and creating a sense of community. I was recently laid off from my Oil & Gas engineering job, which led to dealing with a loss of my identity. I knew I wasn't the only one that felt shattered after a lay-off and wanted to share my journey so others could relate.

Having gone through immense culture shock after moving to the States as an immigrant, suffering with my weight and several eating disorders, as well as conquering mental health issues, I realized the power of people and community. That's when I joined forces with my best friend and certified MisFit, Nammy to create The 9to5 MisFit community to address all things unemployment-related, talk about the things no one talks about for those who don't fit the mould, and ultimately find a creative solution out of it. 

Nammy Sirur

I’m a part-time dancer, full-time foodie, and perennial knowledge junkie on a never-ending quest for self-improvement. I realized one day that I had gone through my entire career motivated by fear, and it had to stop. So I quit my comfortable but uninspiring job, and set out on a mission to find my professional purpose. Shaking my life up involved a lot of risk taking, soul searching, and experimentation, but ultimately gave me the confidence to become an entrepreneur and tell my story. 

Born in Mumbai, India, I moved cities and countries every few years before finally settling in Houston. Moving around a lot caused me to develop an appreciation for different cultures and people, and reinforced the importance of adaptability and empathy. I decided to go into business with my best friend to help others deal with the every aspect of unemployment and take the stigma out of it.